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The English Ideas Project

This project is about creating a better pedagogical grammar of the English language, creating better teaching/learning materials and fostering better language teaching.

There are a number of sub-projects as part of the global English Ideas Project and these can be accessed below. Most of the material is free to use, with the proper acknowledgement. Click on the images to access the materials.

The Projects
Visual Grammar Teaching English
The Ideas of English Grammar

The Visual Grammar of English

This grammar presents grammar with visual explanations.

It is based on my reimagining of English grammar, which you can read about in The Grammar of English Ideas.

Keywords for the Visual Grammar and Grammar of English ideas

Lexical Priming G[DMC] Distance Associative Model Verb Pathways Meaning Conventions Noun Pathways Placement Principle and Active Prospective Grammar

You will need to use Flash to access the grammar presentations.

Teaching English: Being the Best is the essential handbook for ELT teachers who want to take their teaching to the next level, beyond best practice. Over two hundred 60-second essays on all aspects of teaching will help you to become the best teacher you can be. The book covers topics not included in other methodology books such as two new approaches to reading (the Dual Text and Deep Text approaches), opportunity cost, the competence model, being professional and avoiding burnout. It is for all English language teachers teaching adults and older teens, both newly qualified and experienced teachers alike.

Teaching English: Being the Best is available from:

Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.de etc.

The Ideas of English Grammar is an exploration of English grammar which identifies the grammar a teacher really needs to teach and the grammar a learner needs to learn.

It is a re-imagining of pedagogical grammar.

It is based on Lexical Priming theory and the Associative Model of English.

Grammar is envisaged as a system of Distance, Meaning and Conventions. These ideas are explored in depth and the ideas of verb and noun pathways are introduced.

The Ideas of English Grammar is available from Amazon.

A Brief Guide to Text Analysis and Corpus Linguistics
The Associative Model Need Analysis

A Brief Guide to Text Analysis and Corpus Linguistics

The Guide explores text analysis and useful tools, then introduces you to corpus linguistics and shows you how to build a micro-corpus and do things like produce a key word list.


Text Grammar Topic Comment Information Key Word Lexis Corpus Construction Ethics Collocations

Click on the image above to access the Guide. It is formatted as an A5 .pdf file so you can print two pages on one page of A4.

The Associative Model of Language

The human brain is an association-making 'machine'; we look for associations and patterns everywhere and language is used to make our associations clear enough to communicate what we think, feel and want to get done in the world.

The Associative Model applies this insight to the structure and meaning of language.


Associative Model Verb Pathways Noun Pathways Placement Principle Start Here Associative Principle

You can also study Associative Model sentence diagrams here.

Needs Analysis

Ideas for conducting a needs analysis.

testing police English language awareness

Testing Ideas

This page has some ideas about how to test and assess spoken English.

Police and Border Guard English

Materials for teachers and learners including including photocopiable worksheets and Learner Notebooks.

The Language Awareness Challenge

A language awareness reading maze; can you find your way out of the labyrinth safely?

The Dual Text Approach military English

Linguistics Timeline

The Dual Text Approach to Reading

This page has sample materials and an explanation of the Dual Text Approach to reading.

Military English for Tactical and Peacekeeping Operations

Coming soon

Linguistics and Chomsky: the Generative Grammar Dead End

Thoughts on Chomksy and where linguistics went wrong.

Moodle Courses    
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