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Adjectives: Position in sentences


1. Adjectives before nouns

When adjectives come in a noun phrase they are normally immediately before the noun.

Adjecitves in noun phrases

2. Adjectives used only in front of nouns

Some adjectives are only used in front of nouns eg northern, southern, eastern, western; indoor, outdoor; digital.

I live in northern Russia

3. Adjectives used after nouns

Some adjectives are used alone after nouns eg elect; designate

President elect

4. Adjectives after condition verbs eg 'be'

Adjectives are used to describe the condition of things and people etc

Adjectives after condition verbs

5. Adjectives only after condition verbs

Some adjectives are almost always only used after condition verbs.

awake etc

6. Verb + object + adjective

Subject + object  + adjective

7. Changes in meaning because of position

Adjecitves change meaning in different positions

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