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An Advanced Curriculum

  • An Advanced Level (C1) Core Syllabus
  • Course Planning

An Active Study Notebook for English language learners, with a language guide and note pages to complete.

The Notebook has a self-assessment page, in line with the Common European Framework of Reference. The Language Guide covers word classes, the noun phrase, time phrases, verb phrases, the key verbs: do, get, give, go, have, put, take and turn, modal verbs, conditionals (seven of them), sentence analysis, idioms, binomials and metaphors. In the Guide there are pages for learners to collect their own examples. There is advice on how to exploit texts to identify new language, and key word pages to collect collocations and phrases associated with words the learners identify as important for them.

There are also topic vocabulary pages to collect language around different topics of interest. The Skills section looks at the language of presentations, meetings, reports, letters, telephoning and questions, again with space for learners to add their own examples of useful language. Finally, there is a list of irregular verbs.

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