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Verbs: Modal [Opinion] Marker Verbs

Elementary plus
Modal Marker Verbs Presentation  

Modal Marker Verb Power Rules

Modals maker verbs always shows the speaker's opinion in the 'here and now'.

Modal marker verbs always come first in a series of verbs.

Modal marker verbs are always followed by a 'do' verb form.

Modal marker verbs are not marked for person: I will/he will/she will


Possibility and Doubt: may and might

Certainty: will and won't

Distant certainty: would and wouldn't

Real Potential: can and can't

Distant Potential: could and couldn't

Strong Requirement: shall

Desirability: should and shouldn't

Probablity: should and shouldn't

Necessity: Obligation: must and mustn't

Necessity: Logical Conclusion: must and can't

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