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Nouns: Identifying Nouns


Nouns must be identifiable.

Some nouns do not need to be identified more:

France is a beautiful country.

Other nouns need to be identified more.

This is done in a number of ways.

Identifying Nouns Diagram


A or an mark a noun as one of a group or class.

Can I have an apple please?

There are a number of apples available: Can I have one?



1. France is a beautiful country.

2. The France I know is not the inner cities but the beautiful countryside.

In Example 2 France is marked by the as a noun which will be defined - and then it is defined by ' I know'. This France is a member of a class of Frances.

The marks the noun as a specific member of a class - either class which is known or which will be defined.

a, an and the presentation



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