Organizing a Class/School Conference

Materials and Teacher’s Guidance

In this module you will help the learners to organise a class or school conference.

You will:

  • Introduce them to the idea of the conference
  • Help them understand how to organise a conference
  • Help them choose an Organising Committee and draw up a timeline and a list of responsibilities
  • Guide their work during the organising of the conference.
  • Help them write a Call for Papers
  • Help the learners write a conference abstract

Key decisions you need to take:

  • When will you introduce the idea of the conference?
  • How will you integrate the work of the Committee into lesson time?
  • What will the other students be doing when the Committee is doing conference organisation tasks?
  • Will other classes be involved in the Conference? How will this be organised?

Lesson 1

Instructions for Teachers

Introduce the idea of the conference to the students.

Use this webpage as source material to help the learners understand what is involved in organising a conference: Organising an Academic Conference

Ask the students to read through the text and make notes on the key points.

Check as a class.

Then use the Milestones section to draft a conference timeline.

Lesson 2

Instructions for Teachers

Ask the students what they remember about preparing a conference from lessons 1 and 2. 

Tell them they are going to watch a video about organising a conference. Tell them to make notes of the key points during the video.

Watch this video:

After watching, ask students to compare notes with a partner before discussing as a class. 

You might want to watch a second time.

Discuss: Are there any differences between the information in the video and in the text studied in lessons 1?

Lesson 3

Instructions for Teachers

In this lesson you should:

  • Choose/elect/select a Conference Organizing Committee.
  • Agree a conference organisation timeline.
  • Agree on responsibilities and deadlines.

Lesson 4 plus:

Instructions for Teachers

Following the timeline you will need to work with the Committee and help them plan and prepare the Conference. You will need to decide how to integrate this work into your classwork. You will need to help them delegate some of the tasks to the rest of the class. You should monitor, encourage and support them in this work.

Use the materials below to help with the Call for Papers and the Conference Abstract. 

The Call for Papers

Materials for Learners

The Conference Committee will be sending out a Call for Papers for the upcoming Conference.

You are all going to help them draft this Call for Papers.

Task 1

Discuss this question: What information should be included in a Call for Papers?

Task 2

Read this text and make notes: Selecting Speakers for Your Conference

Compare your notes with your ideas in Task 1.

Task 3

Agree as class what should go in the Call for Papers for your conference.

Task 4

As a class, draft a suggested Call for Papers for the Conference Organizing Committee to consider.

Writing a Conference Abstract

Materials for Learners

Task 1: Researching How to write Conference Abstracts

Read through this text about Writing a Good Conference Abstract and make notes.

Task 2: Comparing Notes

Compare your notes with the other students in your groups.

Finalise a list of conference abstract elements and advice.

Task 3: Checking the Conference Requirements

Read through the Call for Papers for the upcoming conference at your school. 

What are the requirements?

Task 4: Writing Your Abstract

Plan your conference abstract.

Write your conference abstract.

Show it to a partner for feedback.

Revise your abstract

Submit your abstract to the Conference Organizing Committee.