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Prepositions: Prepositions Overview


English has a lot of prepositions. They are linking words which introduce prepositional phrases. These phrases are generally noun phrases. Most prepositions are short and they do not change their forms. For example: about, after, at, by, down, in, on, to, towards, without.

In this part of the grammar you can study prepositions of place like 'in a room'; prepositions of time like 'at 10 o'clock'; dependent prepositions , which follow certain words, like 'depend on'; logical relationships like 'such as Latvia; prepositions of movement like 'through the tunnel'; and idiomatic prepositions like 'in future' and 'in spite of'.

To learn to use prepositions you have to notice them and the words they go with.

Problems with Prepositions Problems with Prepositions

Learning Task

1. Find two or more texts on a topic you are interested in.

2. Read the texts for understanding.

3. Check new words and phrases in a dictionary.

4. Read the texts again to find the prepositions. Highlight them.

5. Are they prepositions of place? Of time? Of movement? Dependent prepositions? Or idiomatic prepositional phrases?

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