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Military English Tactical and Peacekeeping Operations

This is a new pre-deployment course for Army personnel who are to be sent on multinational peace support operations, or on training courses in an English language speaking country, or are to be trained by English-speaking instructors. It is an Intermediate | B1 | STANAG 2 Level course. Course Aims This course is designed to teach soldiers (enlisted men, NCOs and junior officers) how to operate effectively in multi-national tactical and peacekeeping operations. There are four components to the course: Coursebook, Workbook, Teacher’s Book, and Electronic Resources. You can buy the Coursebook here, and on other Amazon sites. The book is printed in black and white to save costs but there are over 800 colour photos and maps to download from this page (below).

Tactical and Peacekeeping Operations Course Book

The Coursebook has 200 lesson-units, providing over 200 hours of study materials including vocabulary learning tasks, reading and listening tasks, briefings, role plays and other speaking tasks.

There are three Phases to the Course.

Phase One of the course is a series of threads of General English units, General Military English units and some Specialised Military English units. The topics include careers, military formations, family and hobbies, military training, equipment, weapons systems, IFVs and MBTs, artillery and army air power, airborne and special forces, and much more.

Phase Two is a series of blocks of units of Specialised Military English, and General English with a Military Application. The topics include radio calls, weather, terrain, land navigation, survival, Tactical Combat Casualty Care, ROE, bases, movement, the disposition of forces, checkpoints, convoys, patrols and patrolling, and orders: WARNO and OPORD.

Phase Three revises and activates the Specialised Military English of Phase One and Two and adds Peacekeeping English. There are ten tactical and peacekeeping problems to solve, as well as units on peacekeeping missions, peacekeeping patrols, ROE and OPs, using interpreters, and dealing with the media, and more.

By the end of the course the students should be able to do the following in English:

Interpersonal Skills: Talk about their families | Talk about their careers | Talk about their homes | Talk about their leisure interests e.g. hobbies, sports, films and music | Socialise e.g. make arrangements to meet | Ask and answer questions | Give personal opinions on topics like personal equipment and army training etc.

Professional Skills: Understand and use common acronyms | Use the NATO/Phonetic Alphabet | Tell the time | Talk about the weather and climate | Talk about their army and unit structure and purpose | Talk about their training | Make radio calls including MEDEVAC/CASEVAC | Understand Tactical Combat Casualty Care | Understand land navigation | Describe rural and urban terrain | Describe people and clothing | Give a short professional briefing supported by visuals | Understand ROE | Describe bases | Understand and describe convoy operations | Understand and describe checkpoint operations | Understand and describe the use of observation posts | Understand and describe patrol operations | Understand [and give] orders [Patrol Orders, WARNO, OPORD] | Understand the differences between tactical and peacekeeping missions, patrols, ROE, OPs, checkpoints, and convoys | Understand and propose solutions to common survival situations | Understand and propose solutions to common tactical and peacekeeping problems | Write a short report.


The course has an open and clear methodology, built-in revision tasks and essential practice in the five core area for tactical and peacekeeping operations: understanding briefings and orders, convoy and checkpoint operations, and patrolling. Each Phase has built in tests, and the whole course builds up your students’ confidence in using Military English, and develops their listening and speaking skills so they can operate effectively in training situations and on missions.

Tactical and Peacekeeping Operations Work Book

The Workbook contains:

  • a Study Guide
  • a full Grammar Reference and 30 Grammar Study Pages
  • 12 Peacekeeping Reading tasks
  • 4 Report Writing tasks
  • 25 Abbreviations and Acronym Study Pages
  • Fact Files for use with the Coursebook
  • an Abbreviations and Acronym Reference
  • Patrol report forms etc.
  • Phase 1 and Phase 2 Consolidation Tasks
  • a Mini Dictionary
  • Key Vocabulary pages
  • Key Tactical Verbs
  • and more.

You can buy the Workbook here, and on other Amazon sites.

Tactical and Peacekeeping Operations Teacher’s Book

The Teacher’s Book has

  • a Course Overview
  • notes on the Teacher’s Role
  • a Course Builder
  • notes on Resources
  • instructions on how to use the Coursebook units
  • instructions on how to use the Workbook
  • notes on teaching Briefing Skills
  • full Teaching Notes for the Units and Task Keys
  • Workbook Task Keys.

You can buy the Teacher’s Book here, and on other Amazon sites.

Electronic Resources

There are over 800 colour pictures and maps, over 55 PowerPoint Presentations, and the Course audio files, and audio transcripts for use on phones, tablets or computers.

These can be freely downloaded from this page and shared with all students.

Copyright Note on the Resources

All the resources are released under a Creative Commons license.

They can be reused and distributed freely as long as attribution to the resource creator is made.

Download the resources here

Audio Files

Photos and Maps

PowerPoint Slides [Standard Size]

PowerPoint Slides [Widescreen Size]

Transcript Wiki Files

Teacher Extras

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Military English Army Key Words

Military English Army Key Words is book of key word lists and glossaries, extracted from a corpus of US Army Field Manuals.

The topics covered are:

The Soldier’s Guide | Operations | The Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad | the Brigade Combat Team | Theater Army, Corps, and Division Operations | Pathfinder Operations | Reconnaissance & Security Operations | Rangers | Scouts | Army Aviation | Airborne Operations | Engineer Operations | Fire Support Operations | Ordnance Operations | Quartermaster Operations | Civil Affairs Operations | Civil Disturbance Operations | Counter Insurgency | Multinational Operations | Peace Operations | Tactical Radio Operations | Land Navigation | Terrain Analysis | Desert Operations | Jungle Operations | Mountain Operations | Survival | Tactical Combat Casualty Care

Military English Army Key Words is available from Amazon: Military English Army Key Words