One Slide Presentations

One slide presentations are simply presentations which consist of one slide. Like this:

Sample One Slide Presentation

The rationale behind one slide presentations is that students need to learn the discipline of presenting. This includes the discipline of:

  • adding value to their slides by what they say.
  • not relying on their slides to communicate their message.
  • not having a lot of text on slides.
  • not having lots of slides.

The basic idea is to encourage them to say a lot about (what is perceived to be) very little.

Watch this presentation based on the above slide.

Sample one slide presentation

The one slide can be a picture like the one above, or a diagram, or a graph, or a six of 6 x 6 bullet points (six lines, 6 words max. per line.

See this set of sample one slides.

Remember: a lot from a little. A presentation is about what people say and how they say it, not the slides. The slides should be firmly in the supporting role.