Testing Services

I have many years experience moderating state high school tests and STANAG tests for the military, as well as over 26 years of test delivery as an oral examiner, 15 years as a writing examiner and 10 years as an examiner trainer.

I offer my services as a distance test moderator.

Written and Spoken Texts

In my years as a test moderator I have seen many cases where texts are chosen as the basis for reading and listening tests but problems occur because:

  • the texts chosen are inappropriate for various reasons including the fact that they are badly written
  • the texts are edited by the item writer and become incoherent

I offer two services related to this.

Text Moderation

The first is text moderation – I can review a text and evaluate it prior to the item writers working with the text. If a text really has to be edited for some reason then I can also check the edited text for coherence etc.

Text Writing

Test idem writers can take a long time searching for a text, and then there are the issues with copyright and so on.

I offer to write texts to your specifications. Tell me the topic, genre, length, level the text is for and other requirements and I will write the text for you to meet these needs. You can use this service to build up a text bank to exploit or you can ask me to produce a single text to meet an immediate need.

Please email me [robert at rbuckmaster.com] for further details and my testing CV.